Sweet describes a concept
    "Yōkan" is a Japanese traditional sweet.


    Yokan has a only black square form.It seems jast abstraction.
    It's not thing that Children like.

    You should enjoy it in a dim room, looking at a jet-black lacquer ware.
    In darkness it shines dully as if it takes shadows in the room.
    It likes a microcosm.
    How is a time to dare to eat it...
    You will attach the microcosm with a toothpick and enjoy the taste of microcosm...
    It is not only enjoyment of food but also intellectual delight.


    1.cell and cell nucleus??? expressed the stars by gold leaf
    3.flow of a river
    4.Mount Fuji(Japanese symbol!)

    Each Japanese cake has each season,or story,not only yokan.
    Although they fit in your palm,sometimes a cake express begriff like science,cosmos,history.
    I respect sweets makers who think season forward,and make them by new ingenuity.

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      Koinobori meaning "carp banner" in Japanese, are carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate "Children's Day"(5th May).

      This is a cartoon I made.
      I am worried that Koinoboris might turn inside out.
      Koinoboris are simple shape.They are just
      circular cylindrical shape with a hole in the middle.

      And,I rememeber a song "All creatures are cylindrical shape" by Professor Tatsuo Motokawa.He is a singer-songwiter biologist.

      For me, "The Children's Day" is a day I rediscover the fact that "All creatures are cylindrical shape".
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      The outlet of water are funny mouths.

        "A few years ago,a lot of mosquitoes swarmed over in Roma.
        The investigation revealed they breed in sewage that have been used as long as 2000 years. Roman found that they have never cleaned for 2000 years."

        When I went to Roma 2 years ago,my friend told such stories about Roman sewage and Roman character.

        Though it was only 2 day stay,I was impressed by Roman fountain.
        Because they are so funny design.Men with evil face,ugly dolphins or lions are spewing water.

        Surprisingly,the sculptures of the books,the terrine dish,or the pinecones are spewing water as well as the creatures.

        I was deeply moved they created such exciting sculptures as the outlet of the sewage system.

        I want to investigate more next time.(I hope)
        So I am making the Roman fountain map.

        All roads lead to Rome.
        All water could lead to Roma also.
        I might drink water tomorrow a ugly dolphin is spouting today.
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        Role-playing game and the inner tubes

          This is my work.
          This image is based on mountain path in Tibet.
          Imagine where they are going.

          I am interested in "doughnut shape".
          It is often said that the RPG world is not sphere but doughnut shape.
          They disappear at the top of the world and appear from the bottom of the world.
          They disappear at the western edge and appear from the eastern edge.

          (Take a square and glue the top and bottom edges get a tube,and then the side edges together get a torus)

          Galileo should be shocked that the fictitious inhabitants live such a bizarre astronomical object.
          How does the gravity work?

          (by wiki)

          On the other hand,the inner tubes you often see in the sea are made of rectangles.

          I feel it's cool,and then I drew the Tibet's mountain path.
          So to get back to my question,the answer is ..."They continue to walk forever".

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          Islamic tile patterns

            Do you know "girih"?
            It is intricate patterns covered Islamic mosques in Middle Ages.
            It was assumed that the patterns were created using a compass and a straightedge, but now it seems that ancient Muslims may have stumbled on some advanced geometry, not discovered in the Western world until 500 years later.
            This is an article by physicists from Harvard and Princeton in 2007.

            They say that you can make intricate patterns by just five different shapes of tiles.

            I made these five tiles.

            I arranged them like Islamic artisans.

            I got a complicated maze like the following!

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            Let's make the Stereoscopic Hanafuda

              This is a development of 3D-Hanafuda made by Shade(3D-soft).
              A hanafuda is a set of card game.But I want to make 3D-Hanafudas.

              I made it up.

              I found it is not good because each faces are not connected.I need upgrade it.
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              Unfolding a polyhedron

                What kind of shape will this figure folded? Hexahedron? Ofcourse,yes.
                But this will be also a tetrahedron.

                Prof.O'Rourke found it,using computer technology.

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                Bauhaus style costume
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